Designs That Express "BEYOND"

Concept_M1 (Motovolt) (Showcased in AutoExpo2023)

Brand Design Philosophy

(Urban Sphere)

MULa - EV Modular Platform (Urban Sphere)

Vision LTn - Exterior Styling (Urban Sphere)

Vision LTn - Visualization (Urban Sphere)

Vision LTn - Print Media (Urban Sphere)

Vision Bn - EV Bus Styling (Urban Sphere)

Bug.E - E Buggy Styling

(Urban Sphere)

Project EKa - Compact EV

(Sipani Brand Reborn)

Project DWi - Cross Hatch

(Sipani Brand Reborn)

Padmini Reborn

(PAL Brand Reborn)

118 NE Reborn 

(PAL Brand Reborn)

Project B - Tractor Styling (TARA)

2 Wheeler Styling Project  (Adhira Electric)

Project T - 3 Wheeler Styling (F2E)

S.T.U.D - Delivery Scooter

(Magnes Motors)

Project Maxi


Vision GT


Roborace Robocar